meet the owner: Erica Traster


Not so long ago, I was a super stressed newlywed trying to find balance in life by following all the rules. I was working like crazy in the corporate world while attending law school part time. My life was consumed by work and I was headed down a path that I desperately did not want to be my future.

I quit law school, found myself meditating in my spare bedroom (still not sure how that even happened!) and walked into a yoga studio for the first time.

I felt like I returned home.

I fell in love with yoga. I knew I had to share this practice and quickly signed up to begin my training to becoming a teacher.

This practice empowers and heals us on so many levels. It brings us back to ourselves. It teaches us to be open and mindful and gives us a whole new outlook on life.

I draw inspiration for my classes from various styles of yoga, meditation and those precious life moments where beauty unfolds itself. Our practice starts on our mats, but we carry it with us throughout each aspect of our lives.

My hope is for my students to find the space, breath, stillness and empowerment to heal themselves and to live a life full of possibilities.



Professional Bio:

Erica Traster has been teaching vinyasa yoga since 2012 and practicing for 5 years. She graduated from Marni Task’s 200 hour Jivasara Teacher Training in May 2012. Her classes blend elements of a strong vinyasa practice with alignment and the beauty that comes from offering our practice up to something greater than ourselves. She is currently studying with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition for holistic health coaching.

After years of pushing herself well past her limits, Erica found herself feeling lost and for the first time without any plan. She found herself again by stepping into a yoga studio for the first time. Since then, it has been Erica’s mission to empower and heal her students through the flowing movement of a strong vinyasa practice, and the subtle yet grounding clarity that comes from meditation – all with a modern twist.