Super Sweaty? There’s a Mat Towel for That

Is your sweaty vinyasa practice making for a slippery sticky mat? There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to move through your practice with your hands and feet sliding off your mat.

Mat towels are a towel designed to fit over your yoga mat and soak up the sweat. Plus, they help keep the surface grippy so you can your yoga on without worry.

It’s always a great option to first invest in a quality mat. Yes, the prices can go up quickly but it’s so worth it. A quality mat not only lasts longer, they are often made with higher quality materials that are better for the environment, plus they’ll make for a much better yoga experience.

That said, no matter what style of mat you have some prefer to have a towel too.

three tips for your mat towel_edited-1

Here are three tips for your mat towel:

1.  The towel needs moisture to stick. Might sound gross, but if you’re mat isn’t sweaty yet your towel isn’t going to stick. Once your mat is as sweaty as you are it’s much easier for your mat towel to stay in place.

2.  Fold your towel before class starts. Trying to quickly place the towel down in the middle of class can be tricky and distract you from what’s going on. Folding the towel at either the top or middle of your mat before class makes it easier to unfold it while in downdog or child’s pose. See how to fold your mat {here}.

3.  Spray your mat. If you don’t feel like waiting, you can spray your mat with water before class starts. Simply place your towel on top and you’re ready to go.



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