what class is right for me?

I remember when I first started practicing yoga in a studio. Sitting on the couch in my family room, reading class descriptions countless times. Uncertain of all the feel good yoga lingo. I only wanted one simple question answered.


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Are you asking that same question?

Here are my different styles, what you can expect in each, and what class may be your perfect fit.

It may be more than one :)


Basics Flow

This class is for you if  you are a beginner or attended my Beginner’s Workshop.

Basics Flow moves at a slow pace and teaches you a variety of foundational poses in the vinyasa yoga practice.

It’s the perfect place to start if you are newer to the practice.

You will build strength, knowledge and confidence so  you feel comfortable attending my vinyasa flow classes.


Once you feel comfortable moving through this class, you’re ready for vinyasa flow!

It may take you a few months, or maybe only a few classes, to reach that point. If you’re uncertain, just ask.

Make sure you read the vinyasa flow description though. There’s a key phrase that will put your worries to ease.


Vinyasa Flow

This class is for all levels.

Did you catch that? All levels of students are welcome to this class!

This class does move and challenge you in a variety of ways, but that’s why you’re practicing vinyasa yoga. You want to move.


I offer options and build poses in stages in this class. Whether you’ve been practicing for a few months or several years you can find the version of the pose that feels best for you.

If you feel comfortable moving through one of my basics classes then you are ready for this class.


Power Vinyasa Flow

This class requires some experience with yoga.

If you feel comfortable moving through an all levels class (or super comfortable in my basics class), then come join us!

Power yoga incorporates a variety of different poses and movements to build more heat in your body. You’ll also begin to learn more intermediate poses.

It will be challenging. It will always be challenging.

This empowering style of yoga takes you out of your comfort zone and right up to your edge.


When I teach more challenging poses, regardless of the class, I teach them in stages. You can be wherever you need to today and see progress over time.

Also, I teach to whoever is in the room. I won’t leave you stranded in the corner. Promise.



Yoga isn’t about showing up on your mat and nailing every pose perfectly. That would be boring. And, you wouldn’t learn anything.

It’s okay if you cannot do a certain pose.

It’s okay if you can never do a certain pose.

All we can ask of ourselves is that we show up, we practice, we give it our all, and we don’t worry so much about the results.


Yoga teaches us to notice and to honor our bodies with whatever it needs right now. That is always changing. Now you can find the best class for you!


If you have any questions about my classes and what class is your best fit, I’d be happy help.


Many thanks to each of you for always showing up so fully for your practice.






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