How Do I Do That? Dancing Warrior

If there is one pose that seems to give students the biggest look of “what the heck is she talking about?,” this is it.

Dancing Warrior

It’s one of my faves and I’m always eager to teach it and share it in class.

Your body feels strong. Your heart is open wide. And with the power of your breath it’s downright heavenly.

When you’re newer to the practice, your first (several) experiences with this pose can feel anything but.

Instead, the mind quickly heads to… How do I do that?


If you’re new to yoga, or simply want to practice dancing warrior at home, here’s a five minute video showing you how.



Remember, it’s most important to honor what feels best for you in your body. If this pose feels super uncomfy, no problem, take a supported side plank instead!

Through practice your body will get stronger and your heart will begin to open.


Step on your mat, breathe bright, let your true self shine.


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