Indu Lotion: The Best Smelling Lotion. Ever.

Several years ago I was feeling completely blissed out at the end of my yoga class.

Lying in savasana after a sweaty vinyasa session feels so good as it is.

Then I smelled this sweet scent that allowed my entire being to melt into my mat.

To this day, I always experience the same deep breath and smile when a teacher makes her way over to me with pretty much the best smelling lotion ever.

It’s the question you’re always asking.


What is that??

photo cred:  Indu Aromatherapy's Facebook Page

photo cred: Indu Aromatherapy’s Facebook Page

Indu lotion!

This lotion is amazing. But, if you’ve smelled it before you already know that.

Indu lotion, which translates into nectar of the moon, is a lovely blend of essential oils, including geranium, lavendar, and bergamot.

Their website includes some of the healing properties of these three oils:

Geranium’s properties are excellent for healing acne, balancing emotions, relieving weariness and stress.

Lavender’s essence promotes the healing of eczema and irritating skin conditions, the smoothing and quieting of impatience, irritability and insomnia.

Bergamot is the essential oil creating the unique flavor in Ear Grey Tea. Uplifting for the emotions, it refreshes one’s outlook while supporting vitality.

I’m always happy to share the Indu love at the end of class, but I love sharing it’s story even more.

Who makes it?


Indu lotion is made by my teacher, Marni Task.

I completed Marni’s teacher training program in 2012 and am blessed to have such an authentic teacher and inspiration. Marni lives and breathes yoga. She loves it and it’s always radiating out of her.

She “created Indu in 1998, inspired by her teachers & students at Jivamukti Yoga Center, in her tiny NYC apartment.” (

Plus, each bottle is hand shaken with a sacred mantra.

Love it :)

Want some?


YogaFlow Studio will now be selling Indu Lotion! If you’d like a bottle of your own, let me know at class. I’ll give you all the details and let you know when our first shipment will be in.



p.s.  You can connect with Indu Lotion on their website, facebook, twitter, and pinterest!

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